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I am MIKIMIKI of the leading therapist who sends a baby's voice.

In Japan, I am teaching the method of communication with which the

baby and mother in a mother's womb take communication.

I am teaching TAIKYOU of the mental health care to a mother so that

the baby in a mother's womb can relax and pass.

The baby in a mother's womb is called "胎児・taiji" in Japanese.

Into the mother's body, about three months when the foundation of the

beginning of people was done are called an embryo.

It does not exist, unless there are relation of parents and an

ancestor, relation with nature, and relation with the earth or the

universe in not only the foundation of our body but its life being


As a proof connected to someone, we have a "navel."

And there are also many inherited things in the relation of much.

It is not the property of money or a thing and calls it the "heart."

Pain, sadness, and the pain and joy that were obtained in life are

memorized by the heart.

Those hearts are also influencing the embryo.

It has influence of much relation on one life.

That is used as a foundation, "胎" which expresses relation of Japanese

for the communication play which has a dialog with a life is used, and

the word "胎話" (taiwa) is used.

The babies in a mother's womb have also told Japan the way of life of

a new era in large numbers.

It is also one of the work of mine to send the voice.

The message from MIKIMIKI which speaks with the embryo who plays an

active part in Japan.

When wishing pregnancy

If it is and the back dwells

If it becomes uneasy by childbirth and will worry about child-rearing

If it has fallen in the miscarriage,

If it is troubled by stillbirth,

If it worries about family relations and it If will stumble in life

If the pain which people cannot be told is held

If it is feeling sad by pet loss

If it is troubled by human relations

If it has stumbled by communication

If it is without the ability to realize a dream

Contact me.